University has started for me and most of it is fairly interesting, so i’m trying to give it all i’ve got. School for me was never something i got used to. Despite the fact that i’ve spent more of my life in school than out, it was simply an inconvenience that overstayed its welcome by 11 years. When school finished, everybody else said “its going to be so weird not being in school anymore!”, whilst i said “Finally. Now things can go back to normal.”

I didn’t realise the absurdity of what i’d just said until a few days later. Back to normal?! The last time i wasn’t in school, i was four years old. Any similarities between my lifestyle then and now are things i should talk to my psychologist about (i mean, if i had one). I had always hated school with a passion that few of my peers matched. I have an abnormally low tolerance for boredom. We don’t know whether its caused by my ADD, or whether overstimulation from reacting to my low tolerance for boredom CAUSED my ADD, but one way or another, I cannot stand being unentertained. While waiting for my mum to pick me up from my traineeship once, she pulled up an hour late to find me grovelling around on the pavement observing the behavioural patterns of the common ant. Whilst in grade 12 maths B, I often found myself pulling out my facial hair (including, but not limited to, eyebrows, eyelashes, moustache hairs, chin hairs, and sideburns!) with my fingernails because that was the only thing I could do to stave off the boredom that wouldn’t get me thrown outside. Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually a very mathematically oriented person, being a programmer and all, but our teacher was boring like something else. A match made in hell. 

This is the reason I never walk for exercise when I can sprint till I get hospitalised (true story. Kind of. I just passed out for a minute). This is the reason why I play every game I have in windowed mode in order to be on msn at the same time, and this is the reason I hate counter strike.

So with this… intolerance in mind, consider now living through 12 years of schooling.

Yeah, ouch.

So now I’m in university, and suddenly work is interesting, making all the reasons for my half-assed attempt at getting good marks in school have poofed out of existence simultaneously. This is more or less my excuse for not updating the life points page as I promised. Note i said excuse, not reason. Thats because the excuse is a LIE!

The real reason is the SCOUT UPDATE for team fortress 2 got released this tuesday, and I played pretty much 10 hours a day for three days getting all the unlockables and just generally enjoying the fact that all the engineers, heavies and soldiers were playing scout for a week just so I could dominate them again and again and again. If anybody here plays tf2, feel free to add me on steam, my names =FA= Shadyjames, and I look forward to playing with and against you.

Now what you’ve all been waiting for, a new comic is up! Artwork by Sam Stewart (link pending), who made my comic his bitch for a day while he drew that background. Little nuclear symbols and smiley faces by me, and damn is it hard to make them look right.