We now have a podcast! Imagine that, you can actually listen to us if you so desire, rather than read blog posts and try and psycho-analyse James from his comics.

Depends what you’re into.

Either way, you can subscribe to it via Winamp or whatever you happen to like using for your podcasting goodness at http://www.wikiforall.net/podcast.xml. iTunes users can subscribe via the iTunes store.

Alternatively, if you would rather not subscribe, you can download the raw MP3s directly HERE:

The pilot! (32 MB).

Don’t forget to throw comments, requests, and criticism our way! We’re gonna be doing this once a week and we want to know what floats your collective boat.

Also, heads-up for those who came here without seeing the rest of the site, there is a bit of profanity in the podcast, but nothing more than you’d see in the regular comics and blog posts.