Hi everyone!

My sincere aplogies for this morning’s downtime. Our ISP had a Queensland-wide outage at around 8 AM (GMT+10) and unfortunately our router decided it’d be fun to handle that by resetting itself. So I’ve had to get onto my ISP to find out what’s up, and only now has the router become friendly again. So I’ve gone through and reconfigured it back the way we had it before it got wiped, and to my knowledge nothing on WikiForAll is still down. Once again, we apologies for the inconvenience.

In other news, I now have a Facebook. And that means I lose a billion man points :D. And don’t add me unless I know you, because rejection is never a nice feeling. Instead, email me at matthew@wikiforall.net or join the forums. Either way, I can see myself losing a fair bit of time in this thing, so beware all those who want me to do things “ASAP” 😛