Well this is a website with a comic on it you see, and the website and the comic are not one and the same. At the moment they may as well be because they make up almost all our content and readership, but this will not always be the case.

WinForAll, as a project, is not just Confabulation. We have in the past hosted¬†Australian¬†game servers under the WinForAll banner, and one day we’ll probably have LAN parties and piss-ups and all sorts of things. One day we might host other content, and we don’t want to be restricted by the name of a comic, or the name of a wiki (despite the fact we’re stuck with this domain name because some fucker already bought winforall.com). We want a name that simply epitomises the one thing all our projects, servers, comics, and content have in common.

It’s all win. And its for everybody.