Coming off the back of a very long hiatus, what do i have to say for myself? Well, for starters i have to say that I love myself far too much to admit any fault for the situation. I also have to say that it was actually REALLY NICE to not have to make a comic every monday and friday, or feel bad for not doing so, because you had to do one or the other. But now whats changed? Whats changed is that uni is over, and i suddenly have enough free time that i kind of WANT to make comics again, so here goes nothing!

I still am not an artist so if you feel like being a direct accessory to this comic upgrading from shitty stick figures and twice a week into epic comicry, please send me (either by fax or cryo-tube) an artist so i don’t have to do it all myself.

But yeah, i’m back, thats kind of cool. I have to admit i missed being able to throw shit at a wall, and have people post comments on it. And i plan to do so much more in the future, this blog shall feel the pain of all my psychological disorders at once!

Speaking of psychological disorders, in particular crippling narcissism, a boyfriend of a friend of mine suggested that he would be able to beat me in a first-person shooter. I can’t express how happy i am to report that my friend actually burst the ego of her own boyfriend by informing him, “No, James would in fact kick your ass”, and i have prepared a video to help convey that should the topic come up again, which can be found here:

PS: If you are a fellow Tier 5 quake player that video probably won’t impress you much, as it was only made out of a pool of 20 minutes of playtime. But if you’re not, then whoa, prepare to have your cock blown up.

Anyway, hopefully i’ll see a lot more of you chaps and chapettes in the future as i continue comicking into the sunset.