Given that the last comics mini blog entry was nothing but a declaration of the comics timeliness followed by the statement “Fuck yeah, me.”, i think you guys deserve a little something.

Y’see, the actual bloggy blog bit doesn’t get as much blogging as it should because most of my blogging goes into the mini-blog posts that go with every comic! Sometimes i post something grand, sometimes i post things only insubstantial, but always i post something, and therefore when i consider posting a REAL blog entry all my creative juices are used up. But today something feels different.

Maybe its cause i’m capped.

Speaking of which i’m capped, which doesn’t affect you in any way this time because its a pretty small capping, should be over tonight. That said i’m pretty sure its impossible for us to have used as much download quota as we allegedly did so that means somebody musta been stealing our wireless. Thats why i’ve changed our wireless password, stopped broadcasting our SSID, and added a MAC address whitelist so that no device i don’t specifically add isn’t allowed to connect to our network. Overkill, you say? Come now, people, theres bandwidth at stake here!

Speaking of bandwidth i’m going to spend yours more wisely than you otherwise would have, by embedding this GIF image which is amazing:

Bandwidth well spent.