Ladies and gentlemen,

We present to you the first ever WikiForAll social experiement. We decided we wanted to know what’d happen if everyone was given full access to a forum (not adminstrator access, merely the same as any old moderator). So we thought “Why not?” and made a forum where every user – including those who haven’t registered – have full access to all the forum features.

You can get yourself in on the unrestricted forum right here: We highly suggest you take care because we’re certainly not moderating anything there (defeats the purpose).

Go ahead, knock yourselves out by fiddling with the forum, and by all means, have fun!

– Matthew

EDIT: Also, we now have an IRC server – (ports 6665-6669, take your pick). Feel free to join and say hello. Keep in mind that there are actually rules in the IRC server (unlike the subforum mentioned previously)… We hope you’ll take the time to join in and encourage some conversation (how else does a relatively unpopular and unknown server become popular?).