So as of late i’ve had a massive spate of ideas, and as such have written a massive spate of comics. I’ve been writing pretty much a comic every second day for the past week and a bit.

“So james, why don’t you upgrade to a two or three times a week update schedule then, and then maybe people will start to read your little comic on a regular basis, rather than coming yearly to blow their minds with the archives?”

Well, smartass, the problem is that last time i had such a spate of comics i managed to run out 6 weeks later and then miss a week too. I have problems with CONSISTENCY, like a schoolkids nose on a winters day. I get exams, and i get idea-droughts, and i get computer problems, and should any of these problems happen directly one after the other i’ll miss a week AND THEN MY BALLS WILL BE EATEN BY HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS. I’m simply not confident i can make two good comics a week for the rest of my life. Thats about as summarised as it gets.

“So james, why don’t you just decide to make one good and six shitty comics a week and call it a day? It worked for Jim Davis!”

Because my stick figures live in a shapeless void in which mondays, coffee, and diets do not exist.
Also go kill yourself, i have standards dammit.

Now, in other news, right now, at exactly 4:16pm thursday the 13th of march, i plan to whip up a banner ad, talk to matthew about making some preparatory modifications to the site, and start advertising.

I say that so that next blog post, i can reflect and tell you why it didn’t happen.

PS: I genuinely hope it does.