So here i am sitting at uni. 20 minutes till my next practical, and i’ve already checked all my email accounts and favorite comic sites about 3 times each. So now in the interests of making the both of us – yes, me and you – less bored, i’m making a blog post.

Rumor has it that matthew is making a winforall TWITTER ACCOUNT! This very notion naturally fills me with disgust, but at the same time this thing bears my name, and for that reason alone i must see to its success. I’ve never used twitter before so i’m not sure what sort of facilities it provides, but i’m hoping there will be some means that i can use it and imbue it with my awesomeness without actually touching it, such as through a frame on my own website.

Also its been brought to my attention by ME, not by others, that I’ve been reading far too much of the penny arcade blog lately, and have spent far more energy being insightful and eloquent than being eccentric and funny. But i can’t change tones mid-post, so instead of some lame attempt of including scroti (scrotums? scrotage?) in this post, i will simply follow it immediately thereafter by another post containing the immature idiocy i once spouted. You deserve more from me.