I have something AGAINST mentioning inactivity in your blog. Its a form of meta-discussion, or meta-monologue rather, that offers no actual new content for the reader to consume. However theres been an inexcusible lack of doing shit on my site for quite some time, and i place the blame all squarely on matthew, for not fixing the comics, and being a non-gamer.

Now, suddenly, he’s rediscovered all the games we once shared many a laugh and a frag over, and he’s decided to rent out a very-expensive-a-month tier-3 datacenter to host the site, and various game servers on. Because before the site was quite dysfunctional and inactive i figured i’d let bygones be bygones and do absolutely nothing, and relax for a little while. Take a hiatus, if you will, even if i didn’t declare it. Its not like my site gets read by anybody other than coleman anyway, and coleman isn’t the type to bitch about that sort of thing. Its not his style. Potentially because he is not, in fact, a bitch.

Haha. Yes of course i’m kidding.

But now i’m back and i’m in crunch mode, having just completed another assignment in record speed: from 9:30 to 4:30 in a SINGLE DAY, seven hours total including all breaks, I coded the entire thing and created comprehensive unit tests for every method.

The upshot of this crunch mode means a few things. Firstly i’m making comics, clans, and contraptions. Secondly matthew is buying a new DOMAIN NAME for us, which is very exciting, another sign he suddenly cares about the site again however long that may last. I for one am grateful, and will soon settle back into my midnight-at-friday comic update schedule. We will see the epic non-conclusion to the orange-haired mans magical journey, with a fitting, non-literal “to be continued?” attached, much like this very websites existence.

If you caught that, you are indeed my target audience. Mwah.

Shady out.