Well, it’s Tuesday night, 11:40 PM, and I’m  blogging.

Anyways, I think it should be mentioned that this month’s comic shows several things about our resident artist aka James. I happen to notice he recently blogged talking about doing an arty subject. I must say, considering the latest comic, it’s for the best.

Back on topic now…

Firstly, the comic does actually have the important information that makes it “ours” – our site in the bottom right corner under the 4th (5th?) panel.

I feel that the question this comic begs is, was James trying for a new abstract art competition, had he had far too many energy drinks, or has he lost his trusty Corel Draw with it’s automatic circles and fill?

Unless the point of the entire comic was to totally point out how blessed we really are to get coloured, antialiased (and frankly, quite shiny :P) comics. Which I can imagine James doing.


However, now that that’s off my chest… James will back me up when I say the real reason this month’s comic is relatively awful is because the previous month’s comic was awesome enough to make up for at least two months.

For those unlucky enough to have missed out, here is the awesome comic:


Awesome comic

Awesome comic

And here is this month’s comic:


Not so awesome

Not so awesome

And now I’ve had my midnight rant. <3