Not impressed with my unit coordinator for my computer science subject at the moment, given that he didn’t post the time for the exam anywhere, and i ended up having to email him to get the time out of him. That said he gets bonus points for scheduling it at 5:30, which, because it coincides with dinner, is probably the best time i could imagine an exam being scheduled, given that i get to drop in at hungry jacks when its over (thats what burger king is called in australia, for those of you who don’t know. I think when they tried to start up the franchise over here, the name was already taken)

Super keen for the holidays, due in part to the fact that i have a rather busy lan schedule planned! In december lansmash is on, so i’ll have to do my compulsory show-up-to-win-everything dealio. And other than that i’m planning to have a number of smaller personal lans with friends, one of whom is both a girl and attractive, which flies in the face of everything we have ever known about women and computers. I plan to perform more research on the matter. For science.