I spent the entirety of last night playing minecraft. And then i spent most of today sleeping.

The above statement would be mundane and commonplace if you simply switched the night and day around. Playing games all day and sleeping most of the night is a pretty normal thing to do. But i’m too cool for that. I did it backwards, because i’m badass.

Furthermore, while i was at this minecraft lan, i transferred the starcraft 2 game files to she who will become my latest padawan. I have taught many people to play starcraft, and i am well able to teach people at a low level because i play random: I play every race, and i care little for which one i get in a given game. I’ve already taught a number of people to play, but this time its different for a few reasons, some of which are that this student has never played a strategy game before, is female, and is approaching the experience with a “willing to learn” mentality.

We shall destroy great things.