So we’ve got a new site all set up, our uniques are hitting a new high every day, and me and matthew just bought a hundred dollars of our own shit between us, because we liked it that much. Because of that, you should probably have a look at buying some shit too, so that we cover our losses! The store can be found here.¬†Theres only three items so far, but the mug is a piece of art. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want that mug. We’ll be adding more all the time so if you’re the type to throw money at us check back regularly because we’ll give you some new and interesting ways to do it.

Last of all i’m officially switching to updating the comics twice a week, the first monday update will happen on the ¬†8th of november so i have some time to build up a buffer! Looking forward to it. This things finally getting off the ground.