Well, well, well… what do we have here then? A blog…

I never thought I’d see the day. From two students with a little bit of spare time, a server, and a sense of humour running a wiki, we’ve grown to… well, pretty much the same thing. The only thing thats different is now we’re running a blog as well as a wiki, “a little bit of spare time” has turned into “we’re rich, young, and unemployed” (minus rich), and our server, while not having changed per se, has however been re-diagnosed as a pile of crap and latency. As I write this Matthew’s little brother is playing Need For Speed on the webserver, which is a barrel of laughs for everybody who’s trying to request image files from the comics section. 

We decided to set up this blog simply because it gives us a level of accessibility with our readers (ie. nobody) which can only be reached through news posts and updates on our activities! Because while it’s all well and good to be working on a website behind the scenes, nobody’s going to find your new content unless you have a great big song and dance about it in the news section.

Coincidentally, have you seen our new comic management system, complete with five new comics?

I’m not going to post a link to it here simply because the state of this server is changing so much lately the link could be a abseiling harness by the time anybody reads this post, but I’m sure you know where to find the comics. Or at least, I hope you do. Because I sure don’t!

– James