So here i am making comics, and reading lecture slides. Ritalin really is an amazing thing. However i don’t think there’s enough prescription drugs in the world to change the fact in order to do anything constructive i need to be talking to somebody on some manner of IM client. And since nobody was on msn this morning i opened up omegle for the first time ever, after having heard so much about it.

First i am given a choice: text, or webcam chat? Yeah no. No. Text please.

I don’t even have a webcam so it occurs to me that i may not have been able to tune into webcam chat at all, but yeah no. I don’t need to see any more unseeable things, thanks.

First entrant is somebody who says something completely unintelligible and then disconnects after i honk at him. Second is somebody who i have been holding a semi-intelligent conversation with for something like an hour by now. Apparently a philipino 14/f/usa. Yeah, i told them that i was taking it with a grain of salt when i found out, because that seemed a little bit TOO jailbait. However “she” seems to just be having a normal and semi-entertaining conversation with me for quite some time, and i find it hard to believe that anybody who fabricates such an identity wouldn’t be doing so for the purpose of some elaborate prank slash raid by the feds. So for better or for worse i’m buying it, because this person is entertaining me while i read about signal attenuation etc in my lecture notes.

God this shit is boring.