If you could make days out of abstract nouns, then this day gone by would be one constructed mostly of nostalgia, with perhaps a dash of friendship and cheer. Today i made a pilgrimage to my old school with two close friends of mine, and after meeting up we went around and caught up with our old teachers, the good ones, not the grumpy ones. The ones that somehow befriended as they taught, these are the teachers we sought. I met up with my old IT teacher, which would be prominent in and of itself simply because IT is my chosen field, but Miss Lee, or Mrs McMillan as she has become since my departure, is a teacher who harbors a breed of insanity similar to my own. I once saw her give a person three detentions in the space of thirty seconds. Every detention was justified, but the beauty of it was that any other person wouldn’t have gotten them. She was not proscribing a detention for talking back, she was issuing a punishment for being a massive tool that everybody hates. Which is something i believe should be a punishable offense to start with, but thats for another blog post. The point is she was not afraid to flaunt convention when she saw it was justified, which is something i respect.

Other noteworthy encounters include: My old boss, who responded to my query about his most recent batch of minions with dismay over their incompetence, adding that none since the batch of minions i was a member of had been up to our, or my, standard. I also ran into various science teachers, and one girl who i thought had been ignoring me on msn, but given how friendly she was i am now more likely to put that down to the unreliability of web messengers.

Afterwards me and my accomplices retired to a coffee shop for a short while before we had to go our different ways, and when I arrived home, there was a dividend payment waiting for me. Today was a good day.