Or rather amazing holiday WAS amazing. Its over now, which makes me super sad. Its hard to make an objective assessment of such things for a hundred different reasons, but if we just put aside the unreliability of the statement, i would go so far as to say it was the best eight days of  my life. I know a lot of really good people, and i got to spend enough time with them that my world shrank to the point where they were the only people in it. And in that time, i was happy.

Getting back has been an adjustment. Its hard to shake the feeling that the rest of my life will just be killing time until the next time we do something similar. But i’ll try to make the best of it. And that might just involve making some more comics.

After a two week break i think i’ve accrued enough rest to start making a go of my biweekly update schedule. Normally i do a better job of sticking to it than i do of sticking to ANY OTHER kind of schedule in my life, but i missed a few near the end there. My shares have been doing well, i’m in the process of moving them out of my mothers name (i started investing when i was a minor so i couldn’t have an account) into my own, for tax reasons, which led to the most recent mildly amusing chat log about moving several thousand dollars through a series of bank accounts. Those fucksticks at ANZ bank still haven’t called me back about a margin loan though. My next port of call will probably be bell potter, ostensibly the same institution that i trade via (bell direct), who have not only been resfreshingly nonexistent, in the sense that if you need to talk to a person at all they’re doing it wrong, but will also probably much easier to deal with as i’m an existing customer of their trading branch. Hopefully.

Dont get any ideas that i’m a rich bastard from all this talk of financing, however. Every dollar to my name was either earnt from a traineeship, mowing lawns and picking shit up off the ground, or investing. I just happen to be better at it than most people.

Right now i am eating rice. And soon i will watch the GSL while attempting to solve a project euler problem.

It may be a little dull sometimes, but i lead a good life.