So anyway i went ice skating last night, and i skated pretty hard, in some poorly fitting boots. About an hour and a half in it started to hurt where my leg hairs caught between shin and boot had started to cause a sandpaper effect, but i continued to skate. And skate. And skate. I stopped not when the agony overwhelmed me, but when my legs had become so tired that i no longer was able to go fast enough to get the adrenaline rush necessary to drown the pain out.

I first discovered what had happened to my shin via the boot chafing when i got into the shower and emitted a roar of pain, that rattled the houses very foundations. My leg was raw, and the water wasn’t agreeing with it. But i stuck it out, and i made it to the next day.

And on the next day, what did i find? Well i was looking at it through the eyes of somebody who knew exactly what had happened to my leg, so i’ll share the thoughts of somebody who didn’t.

When i showed my leg to my DAD, he thought it had been run over by one of the other skaters. Now that i look at it i see it myself. If it wasn’t for the fact that the confrontlingly open slash that was somehow created by simple chafing had a break in the middle of it, and went around an impractical circumference of my leg for a simple run-over, it would be an injury exactly suited to the accident he described.

Perhaps it will become a scar, and when somebody asks, i will tell them i did it ice skating. They needn’t know the details.