First off i’ll open by saying starcraft 2 is amazing. But the thing is, theres another pretty amazing game called AI war, the developers of which live here, thats going through some hard times.

The story is that the first AI war was met with critical acclaim. It was rough around the edges. Sometimes it was needlessly complicated, and the endgame wasn’t as fun, but it was massively original, the only game of its kind. And i loved it, even with all its flaws. Then because it was so successful, they released a patch called patch 4.0 which fixed absolutely all those problems and made it more amazing. And because they were STILL so successful, they released an expansion pack for AI war that sent ALL THE PROFITS TO CHARITY. FOR FREE.

Then the GFC hit, and they’re REALLY starting to wish they had that money back. And i refuse to see the most original developer of the decade go out of business, never to be seen again because they made the mistake of donating shit to childrens hospitals. So you’re going to go there right now, and you’re going to buy their shit. All of it. Capiche?