Lately I’ve been having problems with my PC. Not very visible ones either: corrupted files here and there, downloads not completing properly. At the moment I’ve dropped back to 2 GB of RAM instead of my typical 8 GB (which makes me sad, seeing as though there’s now 6 GB of RAM right in front of my keyboard right now) and reliability is back, which is nice.

As part of the process though I had to absolutely verify that the RAM was at fault. Standard memory tests refused to fail after all. So I went out and bought a 2 TB Western Digital hard disk to replace my old 500 GB system disk, in the hope that the hard drive was dying. Turns out it wasn’t, so now my system has a storage capacity of no less than 3.5 TB, or 4 TB if you include my external hard drive. So that was a bonus.

In the end I also remembered to reconfigure the RAM voltage and timing in the BIOS settings which has also helped with stability somewhat.

It means I can now download files without them being corrupted. I can install software without the installation failing. My Windows system files won’t become corrupted every reboot.

Also I’m crazy tired after being sick for the past three days (in which I did an amazing amount of work to this site) so the above probably doesn’t even mean anything. Oh well.