Yes, that’s right, it’s now September. Don’t ask me where on earth August went, I tried asking it but I was told I’d have to wait until next year. What does this mean? It means summer approaches. Yes, that’s right, summer. Not winter. The southern hemisphere rocks!

And as such, I’m finally able to don the good old flip-flops. I hate myself for calling them that, but if I say thongs, I’ll probably get owned by half of America. Did I just make a judgement call based on a stereotype? No, you’re just imagining it. Move along now.

Now, summer brings with it two things. First: heat. Second: more heat. I dunno about anyone else, but I like the heat. If it gets too much, I just turn on a fan or jump in the pool. None of this “wear more jumpers” business (it never works!)… This summer is extra special because for the first time ever I haven’t been at high school all year. So I get even more time to relax, enjoy the heat, and generally just do awesome things.

Such as walk on stinking hot roads without shoes, run across stinking hot sand at beaches, swim in the ocean, swim in a swimming pool that’s warm from nothing more than the sun’s heat, enjoy a barbeque on the deck, and most importantly, eat pie.

Welcome to Australia.