I have been thinking lately that pretty much all of my the time i spend making my un-artistic comics is spent making the art. Considering i am not an artist, this is somewhat opposed to ┬áthe whole ideology behind making this comic, but thats just how it is. I’ve contemplated recruiting artists but i kind of lack a large enough recruiting pool to feasibly expect to find somebody willing to do something for free twice a week while still being picky enough about who i’m selecting that they won’t be shit.

I do kind of know one very talented artist who i knew in school, who is probably getting underpaid for doing amazing graphic design right now. But that said offering to pay him nothing in order to make stick figures is hardly the most tantalising proposition, so if i did track him down i expect to be met with limited success. He’s the guy who made the background art for the intercontinental ballistic happyface, which might i add is fucking amazing (just the background, i did the nukes arrows and happyfaces in corel). But at this point i’m just sick of making art, and would like to delegate the whole process to somebody who actually knows what they’re doing. You want to know why the rainbows in the last comic were straight? its because i was unable to make them bend.