So anyway i’m at a lan party at my good friend COLEMANS place, and its me, him, and that matthew chap who lurks around the site keeping it on the interblags and occasionally posting comics and then deleting them. So far its been pretty good, played some UT2k4, which is worlds better than the shitty lagfest that is UT3. We just attempted to play spring but were thwarted and unable to connect so now we’re gonna try and have a go at some civ 4 which is always fun, not to mention addictive.

I have consumed a truly inhuman amount of various chips and drinks and now i’m on the verge of exploding all over my very expensive monitor, which was bought for me with drug money when i got stabbed.

Don’t ask.

Also am i the only person who will repeatedly drain just one more drop from their empty cups, each time in doing so the drop taking longer to reach my mouth, until finally, somewhere around the twenty second mark, i start to get self conscious and just leave it alone?

Yeah. Neither do i.