I’ve been pretty quiet recently, on account of me being at the beach and not at home (and also partly because I’m technically homeless, as I have moved out of a house that is now sold and our home that is being built is not yet done).

But I have my phone, and I have my PC, and tethering the two means I have internet!

Significant things that have happened recently are the introduction of a game server for Australian players – it’s Synergy, the co-op HL2 mode. Check it out: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/

The other really significant thing that has happened is that I can’t actually get home to my home city from my beach holiday. All the roads into the city are flooded, the airport is partially underwater (the runway is covered), and the train lines have also been shut down. It’s also too dangerous to get a boat through due to the currents. Linky to news report for great justice.

I’m going to get back into comics once life is back to some semblance of order, or I’m at least back in my home city. We’ll see. On that note, I will be removing the latest Intermission comics and starting over, because making up a plot as you go is a horrible, horrible idea. That, and Garrys Mod comics are pretty old now, and a total pain to make.

That is all.