Continuing my tradition of having extremely pointless and uninformative blog post titles.

I am a sleepy boy. I’m not sure why i do this to myself. I watched movies and played cards at a friends house till like 3, at which point we proceeded to look at his archive of 4chan pictures for two hours. Which was….entertaining.

And if you don’t know what 4chan is don’t fucking google it. like, don’t. Shady knows best. I want the best for my viewers. If you go find 4chan, read it, and then you die choking on your own vomit, full of bacon bits and milk curds, and your parents find your putrid corpse in your apartment weeks later, and then go throw themselves off a bridge because they were scarred so, and then THEY SINK A FUCKING BOAT BECAUSE THEIR CORPSES BLEW A HOLE IN THE HULL. THEN DON’T COME CRYING TO ME.

On the upside, it’d mean your life is more sad than mine, which you know, would be cool.