Well that was pretty fun, even if a lot of the time matthew was the only one tuned in, i think that a novelty idea like this was exactly what i needed to get a lot of work done in not a lot of time. I did three comics today, one short of my goal, but they were pretty big-deal comics what with all the drawing i had to do of pirate ships and a new character and everything, so i think its excusable.

I also decided i want to ramp up our advertising some time. Into the hundreds of dollars. We’ll see. At the moment we’re spending probably 30 bucks a month on promoting wikiforall, and we’ve got just under 20 non-adclick hits a day, so about 100 non-adclick hits a week, and i consider views-per-week to be a measurement of readers overall, seeing as people will probably check once a week on average, right? So i’ve got a hundred readers! which is kind of cool, but i’m not stopping there. Ima be the best like no-one ever was. Like some kind of pokeman. And if theres anything lifes taught me its throw money at your problems and they go away. So thats exactly what i plan to do.