After you have stabilised yourself after withstanding the massive roar of rage i emitted in the title of this blog post, collect yourself and listen to my problem:

The only non-shit shooter in the world IS DOWN. I am extremely mad, and i am listening to something that i’m not even sure why i’m listening to it, its like one part static, one part grinding and two parts music, but it sort of suits my mood considering the enormity of my infinite fury. I believe his name is skrillex, and he has a song called “I want to kill everybody in the world”, which pretty much sums up my frame of mind at the moment. Matthew recommended i make a comic about how mad i am that quake live is down, but the fact is that it wouldn’t go up until a few weeks from now, so the romance is sort of lost.

Perhaps one day another game will come, but until then i sit on my gaming beast, mashing F5 to check on the availability of a browser based game that runs off an engine that was developed eleven years ago. Eleven years, and all we are left with is this. I mourn FPS as a genre.