That was an accurate transcription of the sound of me sneezing. I hope you enjoyed it. As is often the case when one eats nothing but burgers and does nothing but play computer games for three days, i have contracted an illness. I was at a lan party, in case you’re wondering just WHY i couldn’t find anything to eat except burgers. Anyway, the situation is that because of this i haven’t written up any comics for a short while and my buffer is running low, so some day soon i’m going to do a mega catch-up day where i write four comics in a day. Red bull may be involved. And i was wondering, theres a few other comics out there that do live streams of them drawing so i was wondering how many people would be interested in watching me shit out four consecutive comics LIVE? I’ve never done such a thing before but i think it’d be a lot of fun so i’d definitely set it up if a few people said they’d watch.

It’d naturally be a bit more about me talking shit the whole time from sleep deprivation than actually the drawing.

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