I missed a week, but nobody complained so no harm done. Got a new update coming tomorrow though, with twice the pages and twice the awesome so it’ll be like nothing happened, right?

At the moment i’ve got moneyboredom. Its a special kind of boredom that only happens when the stockmarket doesn’t do as its told. And right now i’m expecting a noticeable drop to occur, and i refuse to buy back in (Sold my last set at like 7% profit) until it happens. But its not happening, so my money is bored. I have to compensate by setting things on fire. As will be seen in tomorrows comic.

Kind of unrelated, but you know you’ve been listening to too much techno when, while listening to a song for the FIRST TIME EVER, you correctly guess which “doof” will be the last one of the song. Also, you don’t understand the meaning of unnecessary and excessive doofery before and after songs until you’ve heard faxing berlin. That is all.

Now, where was i. Ah yes, gaming. I’m kind of waiting for a map reset on the minecraft server i frequent before doing any more big crazy projects, because theres no real clean land to build it on, theres a lot of towns, oceans, random spheres for some reason, and the odd dong, but none of the unmolested rolling hills i’d want for the project i currently have in mind. Instead its been all starcraft and quake live.


AMERICANS: As a resident of oceania, i have access to both the north american and the SEA (south east asia) servers for starcraft 2. I have played quite a few games on both, i’ve been using the north american servers as a muckaround grounds where i can learn zerg without affecting my stats. I hereby inform you that in the south east asia server, the standard of play is MUCH higher. Thats right bitches, we’re badass down here in our southern hemisphere. You see, we practice against ASIANS. Thats our RITE of PASSAGE. And through these trials we are made stronger!

  • ahem* ok thats enough.

New in confabulation: Sunnies! find out why, tomorrow.

PS: I just realised i haven’t done any TRAVEL-BLOGGING in a while. Totally need to fly somewhere just so i can do that.