Hello again. Another word from the sane half of the WinForAll/WikiForAll team.

Hello again. Another word from the sane half of the WinForAll/WikiForAll team.

Just on that, some of you might be wondering about the “WinForAll” name on a site that’s clearly “WikiForAll” (if the domain is anything to go by). You see, we initially started out by creating a spontaneous and random wiki called “WikiForAll”. The domain was purchased for that name, and that site got us through high school. However, it didn’t take long before we realised a wiki full of attempts at humour was slightly redundant on this thing called the Internet. So we decided to take up another redundant option and do webcomics. Now, I should clarify the name “WinForAll” covers more than just comics: in the past it has encompassed such things as gaming servers or small IRC networks. For now we’re focusing on just doing comics – we’re not ready to get back into game servers just yet!

Confabulation is the comic James writes. I very rarely contribute in the comic department (every now and then I might throw something from Garrys Mod into the archive, but that’s very rare) but I do keep the site running.

And this leads me to the point of this post! Only took 200 words to get here…

The current WordPress theme for this blog sucks. Seriously. I hate it so much. You probably do too. That’s good, it means we share something in common, which is nice. But fear not, for I am on the case! We’re looking at a brand new comic management system and part of that includes a brand new theme for the blog. Also, the comics will be integrated with the blog for the first time ever, which means less clicking for you! Just bear with this awful theme for a little while longer… it’ll be gone soon, I promise!

Also, James is working on a new comic as we speak. He’s actually silent for once, so the next comic should be amazing.