So you know how matthew has gotten me addicted to several games over the years for varying periods of time, including NETHACK WHICH MADE ME LOSE ALMOST AN ENTIRE YEAR OF MY LIFE? Yeah well, welcome to his latest attempt to ruin me.

Minecraft is a game where you build shit out of bricks. That is pretty much its purest form. When i discovered that the bricks didn’t fall down i went about making a FLOATING ISLAND IN THE SKY:



The island alone is estimated at about 5,000 cubes. The castle at 1500. Each cube was a click of the mouse to place, and half a second holding left click to mine from somewhere else, barring the 1000 dirt blocks donated to me by the newtown mine project. I spent far too much of my life on this (almost the entirety of three days) and now i hope i don’t think of another project or it may be the end of me.

Seriously, dammit matthew.

I play on the same server as matthew, address *SNIP because they have griefer problems and dont want their server given out* if you want to drop in to check out my doom fortress or just want to try minecraft for yourself in non-boring mode (which sometimes is called “multiplayer”).

Comic should update at midnight. If it doesn’t i’ll sort it out in the morning. Night chaps!