Its come to my attention that my site has had a sudden influx of PEOPLE. Yes, people.
We’ve all SEEN people before, in one form or another, and even some of us have been accused of BEING a people at one point or another, but how will their presence change this site?

Well, the first thing you should know is that the people that will be joining us are relatively high-quality, so the stabbings (RECENT EVENTS REFERENCE!) and general rambunction will be minimal, and most of them have pretty good taste in webcomics (SELFPROMOTION!). This has been ensured by the fact that they all came here via an ad on the best webcomic in the fucking world. Also a lot of them are from canada. So i guess that makes them cool.

The second thing of import is that if ENOUGH people rock up, i’ll probably increase my update schedule to twice a week, due to the drastically increased levels of GiveAFuck that extra people will bring.

Now if you’ll excuse me i have SEVERAL THOUSAND mouths to shit in.