So the thing is that i’ve got a comic going up tomorrow (BECAUSE ITS THURSDAY NOW LOL) and i figured a blog post ought to accompany it, as is the custom. Been doing the usual james things, have been playing a lot of starcraft 2 lately, because its amazing. But thats another story. I am recovering! Sneezing still hurts but other than that i’m on the way to recovery. Seeing a physio, which was pretty much a half hour session of her telling me like 20 exercises i need to do three times a day which shall be interesting indeed. The stabbing thing has officially progressed from “holy shit you got STABBED?” territory, into the land of “LOL, Remember that time you got stabbed? Good times!”, so even if you’re only just hearing about it try really hard not to be surprised.

Will be comicking more. Have a new policy of staying up late and not gaming so i get things done. Wrote back to some rands that gave me cards when i got stabbed, which imo makes them champions considering i had never met them. Should’ve totally plugged my site to them. Ah well, maybe next time.

My next late night project, after the next comic, will be a button that takes people to where the comics get good. I’ve always found it pretty problematic that the first few comics are in my opinion bad, just because they started out with a chemistry comic, a free non-vector image editing program, and a confused highschooler making it for his friends instead of the wider audience. I mean they got big laughs at the time but retrospect always changes things. Maybe i’m just self conscious about these things but i feel like they’d scare off new readers. And since i’m currently dropped out of university and i can’t work because i’m rehabilitating after getting stabbed, so this website is pretty much the only thing in my life thats actually constructive, i’d kind of like to, finally, get it off the ground.

We’ll see. We’ll see.