It is quite a true story indeed, that is the latest comic. I had a massively ginormous headache on whichever day it was i was meant to be doing the comic. This made me a barrel of laughs for anybody attempting to communicate with me, for shortly after they initiated an attempt at communication, flames would spew forth from every orifice in my head to destroy their bodies and end their lives. As of this morning, the headache has died down quite significantly, so by talking to me the worst you’re going to get is some warm eyebrows and a few witty bon mots. Whatever a bon mot is. Truthfully, i simply stole the term directly from the game demo of “escape from monkey island”, something i played many many years ago. The term i have not used before, and probably never will again. But I guess its something you have to do once.

Now over the next week i’m going to attempt to make myself work. I’ll tell you how that works out.

INB4 “crap i have three late assignments”