The comics are back in action kiddos! After a series of trips elsewhere by james, and a lot of having a life by Matthew (THAT BASTARD) we are a webcomic once more. I’m sure you’ll enjoy our latest offering, and trust me when i say that the sequel will be greater still.

I just got back from a trip to the great ocean road, along the southern coast of victoria. It was awesome, for the most part. The part where we had some kind of Uber-chef in our party made campfire meals fun. That was awesome. I also saw the twelve apostles, of which there are only seven, something that puzzled me to no end. That was pretty awesome too. The less awesome parts included:
1. Walking 10 kilometers in the sun.
2. Discovering that after i’d done that, i had to walk another 5 kilometers in the sun
3. Getting attacked by countless flies during the final five kilometers (I AM NOT FUCKING KIDDING, I KILLED FOUR IN A SINGLE BLOW, THERE WERE SO MANY. FINAL FLY DEATH TOLL: 57)
4. Showering in a shower that only had two settings, being “Scalding hot” and “Ball-shatteringly cold” whilst sporting some intense sunburn.
5. The nights being so cold that i had to wear all my spare pants around my ankles while i slept to keep my toes warm

I have mixed emotions about the trip, but overall i’m glad i went. I guess its an experience.

Lastly, because of matthews busy schedule, i may be taking up more of the webmastery in the future, meaning things may actually get done!