In this day and age, legs have fallen into disuse. While we may occasionally venture to the kitchen, the toilet, or the bus stop with them, they generally see very little use in our modern lives. Feet belong on the floor, while hands are the primary manipulators of things and stuff, and the like.


I just did a shoutcast with a curious hosting setup that leaves my “talk” button on a different computer. The ramifications of this being that i am unable to WASD + mouse, while also reaching over to another computer to push my talk button.

Or so I thought.

After pondering this conundrum for some time, I came across a startling innovation that had been under my nose the whole time. Feet are the answer! Somewhere along the way we forgot that toes are tarsi too! I employed, with great success, my feet to push the control button whenever i wanted to talk. I just gave them this small job to start with, because I wasn’t quite sure how they would handle it, but having seen the finesse with which they handled their control-pushing, I am planning to give my feet much more work in the future. Today, they push control. Tomorrow, they play team fortress 2 alongside my hands, allowing my clan to finally realise their dream of having two shadys on their team, operating as one.

A leading expert described the event as “Quite a feat”.