Counter strike. Oh, what have we become.

Just mere weeks after publicly denouncing counter strike, i’ve become a devotee of a mod called “gungame”. So yeah, i guess you could technically say i “play counter strike”, but ONLY ON A TECHNICALITY, DAMMIT. Gungame has fixed most of counter strikes problems, because its now instant respawn, and its on the server which is full of mic spam and average joes who can’t aim that well, so i guess it aint that bad after all! Anyway, its gotten a few hours from me over the last few days, and will probably consume a few more in the days to come.

So, we’ve got a game engine. It doesn’t really do much at the moment, but we’re planning to change that over the next few months. I’ve got an exam on the 12th for programming, and then i’ve got one and a half months of….pretty much nothing! So during that period of nothing, i’m going to be undertaking Operation: Don’t Waste Your Life. The long and short of this is maximum constructive stuff and minimum gaming. And by the end of it i’m hoping to have completed enough interesting projects that i can put em on a resumé and go “Hire me, bitches!” to some brisbane game studio.

But anyway, as sleep deprived posting has always proven to be a joy in the past I decided to once more grace you some sleep deprived ramblings.

Signed up for a cafépress account, no idea why. I’m hoping one day i’ll be able to sell t-shirts and mugs with my my alter ego and my oft-dismembered id side by side exchanging wit, but at the moment the actual REASON for the signup slips my mind, because now i’ve got to put up with several angry elephant-loads worth of spam. Fortunately, this is not the combustible variety, but that is little comfort to the excitable voice inside my head that pipes up when i recieve an email, who has been repeatedly disappointed by mistaking the communiqués that inform me of cafépress special offers for my regular email fare: missives that often contain several gallons of rainbows and/or sunshine, upon which the voice happily feeds.

I have this strange feeling that the sentence i just completed is not, in fact, coherent. However I refuse to look back, for attempting to fix it is a greater task than getting up and going to bed. When such a task presents itself, going to bed is exactly what i will do.

And so it continues. I’ve been meaning to stab matthew for quite some time lately, for constantly putting off  his to-do list. He is so determined to ignore the work i have for him, that he actually set up a content management system that i could submit requests to, so that he could streamline the process by which he ignored them. He then forgot the link to this system, which I guess says something about how often he looked at it. He had gotten me sending requests to a machine instead of bugging him over msn: his masterwork was complete. Now he had but to wait.

Speak of the devil, matthew just sent me something funny over msn:

(12:00:57 AM) Sizemon: more like, dildo FAGGINS

I’m sorry you had to see that. I really am.

Anyway, i think i’ve filled my neurotic raving quota for the time being, so i will leave you with this amusing image:


Gooooooooooooood night!