What’s THIS then? The blog is the LANDING PAGE? We’ve got a thumbnail for the latest comic? The wiki is proclaiming itself defunct?

Welcome to the new world, fellas. Wikiforall has undergone an overhaul, thanks to our good friend matthew finally getting off his ass and doing his to-do list in admirable speed. However it did take him two months to get around to it so he still loses marks for that.  But thats not relevant, what IS relevant is that theres been a number of changes!

We realised, the wiki may have been what started all this crazy business all that time ago, but it is NOT our main attraction, not even by a long shot, and we were scaring off lots of people by dumping them on a defunct uncyclopedia ripoff, and hitting them with a WALL OF TEXT as soon as they get to the site. Now, however, they will be greeted by a wall of text, in technicolour! And shortly thereafter, they will spy a convenient escape from it: the comic thumbnail. And upon clicking that, our masterwork is complete. Now we’re a few steps away from advertising the site on various project wonderful banners around the interblag. We are cautiously optimistic that interfame will immediately ensue.

And if this is your first time here….welcome aboard. We hope the shenanigans are to your liking.