Well, another semester has almost passed. I’ve just got one last assignment and two exams left, none of which count because A: exams don’t count and B: the assignment is for fundamentals of game design, which is fun.

The semester in review:

Weeks 1 to 6: I don’t check to see if i have any assignments due, because i’m in denial.

Friday of week 6: I finally check, and discover i have an assignment due that night.

Sunday of week 6: I submit said assignment.

Then later in the piece I decided it would be good to start working on my 4-week-long work-in-a-group programming assignment, the day before its due. 38 hours of programming and 10 hours of sleeping later, i managed to get it done in time, fully functional. Because I am JUST that good.  And that disorganised.

In case you hadn’t already realised from my LAST blog post, the ultimate bloggin’ about games finale, i am very smart, just not a fan of doing things when i probably should. You see, the problem isn’t necessarily that i’m lazy, but that i have an amazingly low tolerance for boredom. There is nothing I hate more than being bored. I despise boredom. I loathe it. Pain, hunger, and isolation all pale into significance in comparison with just how much I cannot stand a lack of stimulus. I’ve written about this before, but I thought I would give everybody a refresher course on it now, so they can understand just why I do what I do ­čśŤ

So anyway, you may have noticed that friday’s comic wasn’t so much as comic as much as it was an intermission. The reason for this is all that time ago when i declared i was going to start doing one comic every friday, i had a buffer of five comics to prepare me for the future, so i could just as easily miss a week and catch up. As you may have guessed, this didn’t go so well. There are a number of reasons why:

1. Game addctions:
I got addicted to Heroes of Newerth, Garrys mod, Nethack (AGAIN D=<), and Puzzle pirates (Laugh if you must but i’ll kick your ass all over town at the bilging puzzle). Yes, its only been two months. I am easily addicted. ┬áNethack got cured by finishing it (no mean feat, i assure you), garrys mod got cured because matthew decided to be a douche and get a new computer so he’s been playing all his single player games on full graphics for the past few weeks instead of joining in. Heroes of newerth got cured because i realised i didn’t have time for that shit, and puzzle pirates i am still quite thoroughly addicted.

I had to do work. Unfortunately. I’m sure one day they’ll invent an education system that doesn’t require hard work, and knowing my luck it’ll be on the day i’m finished getting educated once and for all that they develop it.

Due to both of the above problems i’ve had a potentially unhealthy lack of social contact over the last few weeks so i may or may not have turned into some kind of beastial humorless swamp-monster in the interim. I did valiantly defeat a fag in an internet argument.


Sorry, i just spent like an hour looking up “fag” on google images for something good to hyperlink to so i totally forgot where i was going with that (its easy to see how time gets away from me :P). But i’m pretty sure it was going to reflect well on me, so just pretend you respect me more now. Or you could just let it cancel out the fact you respect me LESS for googling fag for like an hour.


Normal comic schedule will return next week, from which point forward I can hopefully rebuild my buffer for future such outages.

Matthew still hasn’t gotten around to doing ANYTHING that i’ve told him to do, but don’t worry, i have a trick up my sleeve.

Also i did some playtesting for halfbrick studios, which was exceptionally win, but thats for another blog post altogether!