So anyway, funny story, about a fortnight ago i announced i was going to be doing one comic a fortnight. And now its a fortnight later, and i’ve decided to announce i’m going to be doing one comic a WEEK. Once a week, on friday (or thursday, for the rest of the world), there will be a new confabulation, and it will be awesome. Yes, like a proper webcomic does. Hold up, does that make ME a proper webcomic? PFFFTThahaha no.

So, the story is I noticed a huge rise in my traffic for 7 days, starting shortly after the announcement, and then dropping off shortly thereafter. By “Huge” i mean “Many times”, and by “traffic” i mean “Still pretty much nobody if you compare it to any other website”. Regardless, this taught me two interesting things:

1. The human attention span for checking a comic for updates is about a week, then they forget.

2. I’m hopelessly addicted to my traffic stats.

The biggest deciding factor in this is that i’ve actually had a lot of ideas ever since the introduction of the pirate hat, and i feel like if i pushed myself a bit more I would be quite capable of maintaining this schedule indefinitely. The second biggest deciding factor is that I suffer from delusions of grandeur, and I think that if i manage to get a certain amount of unique hits per day, the universe will magically make me its king, and i’ll get interfame thrust upon me,  get free money, and have women throw themselves at me.

…I mean, throw themselves at me MORE. Naturally.

Oh yes, and lastly the third reason was because I’d conned matthew into doing a bunch of stuff for the site “When i start updating once a week”. So maybe now he’ll get off his ass and automate that new comic thing on the front page of the wiki.