I have just created a thing of beauty. This thing is, of all my creations, the one that made me laugh the hardest. However from matthew, it simply got a “LOL” instead of the “ROFLMAO” I would’ve responded with, if presented with such a masterpiece. Either way, I leave the judgement up to you. Read on, for my masterpiece, at…CONTEXT.

In other news, for those who missed the news post that came with the latest comic, I have committed to creating a single comic each fortnight, just over twice as often as before. This newest conviction comes with a slew of new ideas that have made me relatively confident i’ll be able to keep up such a pace. Perhaps one day I will do a comic a week, perhaps one day I will do two or three. However today is not that day, so be happy with your once-a-fortnight and stop bitching.

Also after you’ve read that page I posted above, please comment on the blog about it; I would like to know whether I’m a horrible human being for finding it so hilarious.