ORIGINAL POST written 6/7/09:

I am a liar. I haven’t actually done any programming, and not too much wiki work while down here, because i’m simply having too much fun!

And there you are, you pathetic little insect, depending upon my boredom to relieve yours. Ha ha ha.


Well lets see if i can make up for it when i get back =D I’ll slot it in around all the LAN PARTIES.


DAMMIT! I pushed the “save draft” button instead of the “Publish” button! So that blog post above is instead appearing now, four days later. Maybe i should post something extra.

Whee, i’m back in brisbane again, melbourne was fun, we walked around a lot, ate some gelati, watched a bunch of movies, climbed a mountain (And froze our tits off while we were up there. 1100m above sea level + winter = pain), failed to get any lanning done, and also developed a schizophrenic sleep schedule. Joy.

I got more hugs in 2 weeks than I think I had for my entire life up to that point, effectively doubling my cumulative total. I did not work on the wiki, and i did not do any programming except for looking at my calendar class for a few minutes on the plane back up, with 3 hours sleep and no ritalin, which as you can imagine was about as helpful as licking an angry rhino.

After i was done giving the rhino a good once-over, i played peggle for the rest of the trip, and I- THATS RIGHT


What the HELL jetstar? Flying to an airport called “Melbourne (Avalon)” Is meant to land me somewhere in the greater melbourne area. It is NOT meant to land me an hour out, at some tiny shitty little airport that not even taxis go to. Once i got there, my only option was to sit in a coach for an hour to get to melbourne, and the coaches left “Whenever a plane landed”. Terrific.

Listening to the phone conversations of other passengers i think everbody else had fallen into the same trap that I had. Hell, even the coach driver seemed to be acutely aware of the fact that everybody sitting in his bus had just got pwned by jetstar, because the first things he said were “Thats geelong, in the distance”, “We are in the middle of absolutely nowhere”, and “No, i don’t know why they call it avalon airport”.

The irony of the situation is everybody was like “You should fly virgin instead of jetstar, you might pay a little bit more but they’re a lot better”. And you know what i said to them? “I don’t care what the flight is like, i just want to end up in melbourne by the time it says on the ticket.

“End up in melbourne”. Touché, Jetstar, touché.

Next time i’ll be less cheap and fly virgin like everybody told me to.