Well, my bags are all packed, my boarding pass is printed, my santa hat is in its holster, and i’m ready to fly out to melbourne tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be landing at 4pm, and will be staying a fortnight. Theres not going to be any (well, much) tf2 down there, so instead of my schedule looking like this:

A pie graph of the usage of my time

It will look something more like this:

A projection of the expected usages of my time while in melbourne.

Which, for those unaware, means I will probably be doing a lot more on the website while in a foreign city. Ironic, I know, but TF2 is srs business.

In other news, i’ve made 66% on the stock market so far this year, so with some work and some luck, i’m hoping to have made 150% by the end of the year. It sounds like a big number, but once you realise you’re compounding from 166% rather than 100% , its actually less than I made in the first half of the year. I got lucky once or twice during the first half of the year.

I’ve also started learning C++ in a NOT-HALF-ASSED sort of way, I did a whole bunch of cleaning up on the wiki, and i’m toying with the idea of hooking up with an artist and starting a story comic ala www.erfworld.com, but I want an idea first before I get anybody TOO excited.

See you on tha flipside brudda!

/Flies to melbourne