Hi everyone!

While James is heading down South to go to Melbourne, I’m not. So what that means is that I have a fortnight to get awesome at TF2, play with the wiki, and generally just live.

One of the biggest things you’ll see over this weekend is a new WordPress theme for this blog. We’re a bit sick of the discontinuity shown in the styles we have lying around, so we’re going to install a new theme which follows a bit closer to the WikiForAll styles.

I’ll also be updating core software that runs the site and writing in some new behaviour for the front page of WikiForAll. If all goes well, you won’t know anything’s different.

All that means if things look different or act differently I’m in the middle of making changes and it’ll be fixed within 24-48 hours.

James will not be away from internet down in Melbourne (he’d die) so he’ll also be updating the site semi-regularly over the next fortnight. With any luck that means I don’t have to make stuff up 🙂

– Matthew