In case you hadn’t already noticed, winforall and the wiki have been fairly inactive for the past few weeks, and the reason for that is the fact that Matthew and myself have been very busy during the christmas period. Also i believe if WE don’t have time for the site, you shouldn’t either. Ya nerd.

Whats more, you may have noticed that i haven’t uploaded my monthly comic, and it is in fact the 3rd of January (2nd if you’re in america. Backwards bunch.) And the reason for this is that i went over my download quota, and my speed has been capped.

Whats that i hear you say? “Whoopdy friggin do, just upload the comic, it can’t be that bad”?

Well then let me tell you a story. In a pointless attempt to spite my telco, i’ve been downloading away since 2pm, solid, on my itty bitty slow-ass connection, and in those four hours i’ve downloaded 21.4MB. By my calculations, its going to take just over an hour to upload this comic at those speeds (keeping in mind uploads are far slower than downloads), and somehow i don’t trust the server to not time out somewhere along the line.

Also, matthew is attempting to send me a 753KB file, and its currently stuck on 666KB. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Last of all, I come bearing tidings. The server may soon be upgraded to its own box! Matthew will probably make a post with details closer to the event. It might be a little while, but its something on the horizon to look forward to in the next couple of months.