After spending the last two weeks (GAH) laying low for fear of incurring the wrath of the internet Gods, i’m finally 4 days away from a new batch of download quota, and mercifully, a new 20 gig plan. Funnily enough, i actually had a draft of a blog post ready 15 days ago saying how i was about to do a whole bunch of stuff on the site, but then i discovered we were going through downloads so fast, it was as though every time somebody in the house wiped their ass, they were doing it with a different DVD full of illegally downloaded movies each time. And then a few seconds after this policy was instituted everybody contracted dysentery AND irritable bowel syndrome, simultaneously, and then ate a bottle of laxatives.

I forgot where i was going with that.

Right! We were coming very close to being capped (a fate worse than death, if you’re with optus), so we instituted a zero tolerance policy on non-critical internet usage (welcome to australia), and i have been sitting here for the past 15 days playing a combination of strategy games, and PEGGLE EXTREME.

Shady loses 20 man-points.

But as for what i actually HAVE done on  the site, you can look at the wiki page on candy, which i still cannot convince myself is finished (note the empty “invention” section, that i am yet to find inspiration for). However since i’m sick of candy for now, you can expect my next updates to be on the newly conceived “life points” page, which includes, but is not limited to, man-points.

As always, remember to check chat logs and out of context for new stuff, those are the few pages that get consistent and regular updates! 

Y’all come back now y’hear?!