I really don’t like working to a schedule when it comes to humour. I like to just live my life, and write down everything awesome that i come up with. However I have come to realise that this means I generally don’t write any comics…so i’ve decided to give myself a schedule. From now on, on the 1st of every month, i’m going to upload a comic!

Note: This is going to be AS WELL AS my random update schedule so far, i’m not going to be all “i’m giving myself a schedule” just to REDUCE the amount of comics I do. So its still worth checking back occasionally to see what i’ve come out with.

Also, if you’re in america read that as the last of every month, because y’all are so backwards. (Joking (no, actually i’m not)). I might upgrade it to fortnightly, weekly, or tri-weekly eventually, but right now I have NO idea how this is going to turn out, so I’m playing it convervatively. Wish me luck! =D