Here in Australia McDonalds now offers bacon on any burger for an extra dollar. Why you’d want bacon on your fillet-o-fish I dunno, but people are weird like that. Bacon truly adds a whole new dimension to the heart disease causing burgers. For instance, try a triple cheeseburger with bacon on top – it’s almost as bad as eating pure fat itself!

However, we got bored of simply eating a triple cheeseburger, fries, and a coke. So we took $5, went to the counter, and asked for $5 of bacon! Now, this is totally unheard of… I mean, why bother when you can simply buy 3 times the amount of bacon and make it yourself! That is of course what the cashier told us, but we replied quickly with “yeah, but we have to cook it then!” Why would we cook it (which would’ve required walking home too) when we can buy it at McDonald’s? Not to mention, we’d need a woman to cook it for us :/

The cashier ended up serving us $5 worth of bacon, which equates to 5 rashers. It was really good bacon, better than anything the supermarkets could do… Which is funny, considering it’s McDonalds. Maybe it’s because they were dripping in fat.

Next time you go to McDonalds ask for bacon! Maybe they’ll get the hint and serve eggs too. Imagine that – bacon and eggs at McDonalds!

– Matthew

(Note: “us” in this does not refer to Matthew and James but rather Matthew and a couple of his mates.)